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Participation is
Your Choice

When you choose to participate in the Healthconnect network, your physician will record your authorization so that the next healthcare provider you see will have access to your information. You may choose to discontinue participation at any time. If you do not wish to participate, your records will not be visible to the next provider you see.

Stay Safe

Should you have to make a trip to the emergency room, the ER staff will have ready access to any preexisting conditions or allergies to help ensure your safety and timely treatment. This will help to avoid medication errors and contraindicated procedures.

Get Quality

Your participating doctor will have a more complete view of your medical
history by having access to your historical health information from your other healthcare providers.

A Health Network For Everyone
Healthconnect is a non-profit regional health information network created for ALL residents of Southeast Texas. This electronic network of health records is designed to link all hospitals, physicians and healthcare providers in real time so important summary information from your medical history can be available to the provider of your choice when they need it.
Is your provider connected? See a list of participating providers.

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How To Connect

Participating Providers

What Is An HIE?


Save Time
and Money

Avoid phone calls and hours spent driving to pick up copies of records; your information can be forwarded electronically or available in summary through the community health portal.Eliminate duplicative or unnecessary procedures; with more information about test results the physician providing your care may not have to order certain procedures.